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Date center name:colossus968/startdedicated/dreamservers
Server management Campany:2chbbs service
Servaer Location:1134-5 Barksdale Proffessinal Center,Newark,DE,USA

Office : 1134-5 Barksdale Proffessinal Center,Newark,DE,USA
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Management:2chbbs service / Mail:info@2chbbs.net / Tel:010-1-505514114
Disclaimer/Rules 1. Disclaimer
・ This rental service will endeavor to achieve full operation of this service, but if the interruption of the Service, such as by stopping the operation, damage is caused to the user, this rental service shall be exempt.
And content that you have listed in this service, home page, a bulletin board, etc., which has been described is the customer's responsibility, our rental service, assumes no responsibility for its contents. The rental service also does not take any responsibility and or spills, all rights reserved by third parties, or for damages from customers who incurred in connection with the service information, etc. listed.
2. Prohibited matter
・ With a violation of the law, content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others copyright, trademark rights, etc.. Or content that could infringe
・ The contents racist content or violate the privacy or property of others. Or content that could infringe
And content that lead to crime, such as fraud. Or content that may lead
And display obscene, content on abuse and child pornography, the image
・ Act propaganda pyramid scheme-election campaign, religious groups, such as prostitution
And use the set to a state that is not displayed by setting the advertising and display of this rental service that appears on Wall
And use as file storage for file downloads
And use that interferes with the operation of our rental service
3. Reduction of information
・ For one of ordinary rental services and case information that could go against it or, contrary to the prohibitions mentioned above has been described is deemed inappropriate, you may want to delete the information without notice to you. However, it is not the obligation to monitor and manage your information.
・ This rental service has no obligation to reply to you the reason for the deletion of information.
And results of deletion of information, our rental service is not responsible for damages suffered as a result.
Discontinuation of use 4
In cases where this Agreement violation by the customer, may be taken or termination stop this service, the treatment and to not be able to re-register without giving the notice any customers for our rental service
5 Copyright
All rights, including copyright editor about this service belongs to the third party that has a copyright or our rental service.
5 Change the Terms contents
The contents of this Agreement, you may want to abolish Revised Terms without notice to you by the convenience of our rental services, adds, and changes. Each time you use this service, check the contents of this agreement, the customer, please consent.
Change of service contents six
The contents of this service, you may want to abolish it change without notice to you by the convenience of our rental services, adds, and changes.

2. 禁止事項
3. 情報の削減
4 利用の中止
5 著作権
5 本規約内容の変更
6 本サービス内容の変更
Privacy Policy ・ Privacy Policy
In the case that established the privacy policy as follows, get your personal information, management, use, disclose, and strive for there to be no prejudice to the rights and interests of the customers our site.

・ Use of personal information
The information was Courtesy of customers, offer on our site services, business operations with customers, and will not be used for purposes other than the means of contact. It is also possible to get your personal information in a way that is unfair or, without the permission of the customer is not. In addition, personal information that is managed by the Site, will be erased as soon as possible after achieving the purpose of the use.

, For the management of personal information
The carefully managed information was Courtesy of our customers, personal information is committed to manage in the exact condition. In response in good faith when there is a demand for the disclosure information that this site has been registered by a customer, if there is an error in the unlikely event registration information will be deleted or corrected quickly. In addition, loss unauthorized access of personal information to personal information, destruction, alteration, and to prevent leakage, etc., will implement the measures necessary and appropriate.

・ Disclosure of personal information to third parties
This site does not provide your personal information to third parties without permission. However, in the following cases, you may want to provide or disclose personal information to third parties specific.
If you obtained your prior consent
If the disclosure is sought from public institutions by the laws and regulations
If you want to provide in a state that does not allow identification of individual

・ Handling of cookies
It is a feature that allows the server to deliver a Web page to save the information to the browser of the computer of the visitor, is taken out after the cookie. Improve service, publishers efficient, secure, and we are used to, such as providing appropriate information to customers on this site. The information is stored in a memory or hard disk. The cookie feature on this site, when you have been to our site visit, it is intended to have you browsing more convenient, do not worry function of your personal information, such as turn out is not included .

There are, however, that some services or Web page part is not working properly at that time.

・ Handling of access log
In the service of this site, I've been recording in the form of access log information of people who have access. Access log is included in the browser type the host name or IP address, is used of those who have access, and access date and time, but does not encompass the information that personally identifies you usually.

当サイトは以下の通りにプライバシーポリシーを定め、 お客様の個人情報を取得、管理、利用、開示する場合において、 当該お客様の権利利益を損なうことの無いよう努めます。

お客様からご提供いただきました情報は、当サイトサービスの提供、お客様との業務遂行、 及び連絡手段以外の目的では利用いたしません。 また、お客様に無断で、または不公正な方法でお客様の個人情報を取得することはございません。 また、当サイトが管理する個人情報については、利用の目的を達成した後はすみやかに消去致します。

当サイトは、無断でお客様の個人情報を第三者に提供いたしません。 ただし、次のような場合には、特定の個人情報を第三者に提供・開示する場合があります。

クッキーとはWebページを配信するサーバーがお客様のパソコン等のブラウザに情報を保存し、 あとで取り出すことができる機能のことです。当サイトではサービス向上、 効率的なサイト運営、確保、およびお客様への適切な情報提供などのために利用しています。 その情報はハードディスクまたはメモリーに保存されます。 当サイトのクッキー機能は、お客様が当サイト訪問をされた際、 より便利に閲覧していただくためのものであり、 お客様の個人情報が判明するような機能は含まれていませんのでご安心下さい。


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